The Initiative of Battery Recycling

Having stayed concerned about environmental issues, The Gurus is carrying on realizing a myriad of initiatives among which is contributing to the recycling of batteries.

E-waste has become a global environmental problem, inasmuch as ending up in landfills in massive amounts it gives off rather rather harmful chemicals that way disrupting the ecosystem.

Women's Involvement in The Company

Since its inception, our organization has been guided to enhance the role of women in the workplace. It has had a female CEO since 2019, a rarity among FSP-listed companies, that are providing biotechnological services.

The “Green” approach of The Gurus

The Gurus is also concerned about environmental pollution, believing that the daily “green” approaches by individuals and organizations will help improve our lives and support nature.

Parents’ Day at The Gurus

Re-evaluating the role of workers and their parents’ opinion, at The Gurus took place Parents’ Day event, where the employees’ parents were invited. During the event the guests got acquainted with each other and the company corporate culture.

The Role of Solar Energy

In our vision, we are planning to invest solar energy usage in the company, build a sustainable future and promote the development of Eco system in the globe.

Paper Circulation in The Gurus Company

The Gurus company has been doing its best to protect the environment since its inception. The use of virtual systems is used in all areas of the organization. Nowadays, the company has reduced its paperwork by 80%, and for the remaining 20%, the paper is sent for paper recycling.

Benefits in The Gurus Company

As a company with a clear vision, The Gurus organization gives the opportunity to act entrepreneurially every day and to realize employees’ professional potential and level of satisfaction. The company offers attractive benefits for daily work, which are intended to meet these modern business requirements.

The Role of Women in The Gurus Company

Since its inception, our organization has been guided to enhance the role of women in the workplace. We emphasize the role of women in three aspects: trainees, employees, and management. In The Gurus company, women make up more than 75% of the management, nearly 60% of the total employees and 50% of the trainees.

Trainee’s Success Stories

At The Gurus we consider it vital to integrate new staff into the job market. 10 of our workers have joined us after the trainings organized by the company. The main objective of the trainings is to find new bright minds to join us. After conducting several interviews and performing background checks, we finally selected our top contenders.