How we ensure quality
  • Coaching by senior level programmers
  • Effective resource planning*, portfolio planning and progress tracking
  • Strict project timelines and consistently achieved quality targets
  • Development, maintenance and adherence to portfolio/project programming standards
  • Productivity and full utilization of assigned team members
  • Continuous monitoring of quality and timely delivery.

Our senior level programmers periodically coach our juniors helping them grow professionally. Each week one of our employees makes a presentation on a function of SAS or any domain of SDTM or ADaM data sets.

The Standard program life-cycle starts from the creation of the program after completion of which it gets ready for Quality Control. The validator checks and compares and if everything is correct it reaches the hands of the Statistician. But if anything doesn’t comply or there are issues, it moves back and the cycle starts from the beginning.

Though this is the main life-cycle we take a flexible approach and are ready to adapt our methods according to the requirements of the client.

Normally, before the beginning of the study and during a meeting with the client we discuss the details related to the study, the resources, the timesheets, the required documents such as crf, protocol, SAP, Shell raw data and timelines. We put the date and duration of the dry run, final run, production run etc, as well. We strictly follow timelines never compromising the quality of the work.

As everything develops quickly and keeps changing, we always plan our resources in advance and track them. We know our programmers well which enables us to utilize their resources accordingly and make right assignments to them, which guarantees efficiency.

Extensive quality control (QC) with peer review twice processed (independent) production and validation programming with a Pinnacle report run on your data every time we deliver a draft.  Finally, a lead statistician and senior reviewer examine all calculations and statistical outputs; ensuring you receive the highest level of precision, efficiency and data integrity. All, those points together assure the high quality of our services.